Research, invent,
develop and manufacture

Dr Jamieson Christmas invented the Dynamic Holography Platform, while studying at Cambridge University in 2009. Laboratory research became assembly line reality quickly, with a major automaker integrating our first-generation HUD technology into over 200,000 vehicles within four years.

Today, Envisics is a globally-renowned dynamic holography pioneer, with a fast-growing team of expert scientists and engineers located in the UK and USA. We partner with the world’s leading automakers and tier one automotive suppliers, supplying manufactured holographic projection and computation engines – our fundamental technology – for integration into future HUD and LiDAR systems.


vehicles use Envisics’ first-generation HUD

HUD is here

A HUD is designed to display essential driving information without distraction. Until now, only one plane of information per light source was possible. Now Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform can generate multiple planes at different distances, with incredible resolution and clarity – day and night; sunny or overcast.

Visual amplification

We are harnessing the power of light to create visual amplification, highlighting a safer world around us through immersive dynamic holography.

With decades of holographic, HUD and automotive experience, Envisics’ scientists and engineers continue to develop and refine Envisics’ core technologies and research their myriad applications – automotive especially, but beyond too.

Smaller form factors. Sharper imagery. More variable image planes. Greater energy efficiency. Infinite magnification. Fewer optics – mirrorless, even.