IP Admin Manager
Milton Keynes

We are seeking a dynamic, proactive individual who is looking for an exciting challenge and is interested in playing a key support role in an exciting legal and tech environment. The challenge is to provide efficient and effective support services to the company’s in-house Director of Patents and team of external IP attorneys across the world to help achieve ambitious growth targets in a cost-effective manner. The role is hugely-varied including elements of record-keeping, docketing, secretarial, accounting and general administration. The role also includes helping with the continual evolution of in-house IP systems and procedures for optimised efficiency as the company grows and business objectives change. Experience in an IP environment would be helpful but is not considered essential to the right candidate. In-house and external training related to the patent system and patent administration will be provided as required.


Key Personal Attributes

  • A self -motivated individual with high levels of energy.
  • An outgoing, positive thinker, with consistent levels of evident enthusiasm.
  • Flexible, versatile and copes well under pressure.
  • Good people skills and interested in engaging with people.
  • Always keen to be as helpful as possible and find solutions.
  • Interested in learning and continual improvement.
  • Trustworthy, honest and reliable.
  • Able to speak-up when necessary.
  • Sharp and switched-on with an eye for detail.
  • Careful and tuned into risk management.


Major responsibilities

  • The primary responsibility is to support in-house and outside counsel with all aspects of their patent and trademark work including the prosecution of existing patent applications and the filing of new patent applications.
  • Day-to-day management of the company’s international portfolio of patents and trademarks using IP management software (training provided).
  • Helping implement international patent and trademark filing programmes.
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of the company’s patents and trademarks.
  • Managing incoming communications from national and international law firms and patent offices.
  • Docketing and monitoring of legal due dates.
  • Organising workflow including allocating work to local and foreign attorneys.
  • Point of contact for all communications in and out of the company’s IP department.
  • Preparation of patent documents for filing at local and international patent offices.
  • Using online patent filing software.
  • Management of IP licences and any associated royalty payments.
  • Payment of bills and official fees due to patent offices including using internal finance processes.
  • Assisting with budget management and financial planning.
  • Helping run internal processes for invention capture and engagement with engineering staff including identifying and scheduling programmes of education as needed by the team.
  • Supporting in-house counsel with patent analysis and internal reporting to the CEO and Board of Directors.
  • Liaising with all service providers to the IP Department.
  • Helping continually evolve all systems and processes within the IP Department to ensure that they remain scalable and efficient as the business evolves.


Skill Requirements

  • The primary skill requirements are attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Highly organised and able to organise others.
  • Excellent written English and careful communicator particularly over email.
  • Proactive and able to see problems or inefficiencies in existing ways of working and propose improvements.
  • Able to cope with sudden changes of direction or shifts in priority.
  • Capturing all tasks and requests as they arise on-the-fly during a busy working day.
  • Managing a large volume of tasks.
  • Ability to continually assess priorities and ensure tasks are executed in an appropriate order.
  • Comfortable jumping between tasks at short notice without missing anything.


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