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Our story

We redefine the way people see and interact with the world

The most potent technologies are ones that effect positive change; at Envisics our mission is to deliver a safer and more enhanced driving experience.

Since 2010 we have been working to redefine the way people see and interact with their vehicles and the world around them. Our Dynamic Holography Platform enable us to seamlessly overlay information upon reality that provides pertinent driving information without creating distraction.

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Our technology

We make holographic technology available to consumers through our augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) technologies

Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform unlocks the full potential of light. A revolutionary approach to creating head-up display images, melding proprietary algorithms with simpler, fewer, and more robust optics to create holographic displays. Greater magnification; superior image quality; and images displayed at multiple distances simultaneously.

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Our products

We help people to make the right decisions through intuitive products like our augmented reality head-up displays (AR HUDs)

Our Dynamic Holography Platform transforms head up displays. Utilising advanced mathematical algorithms and intelligent computer systems, we introduced the ‘AR’ element which brings the ability to overlay real-time, real-world relevant data. Our products mean that more information is available to drivers, with less distraction than ever before.

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Meet the team

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Dr Jamieson Christmas

Founder, CEO & CTO

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Dr Graham Cairns

EVP Product Development

James Hunter - photo
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James Hunter

Chief Financial Officer

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Fabien Roth

Chief Revenue Officer

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Kim Beatty

General Counsel

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Dr Martin Greenaway

Intellectual Property Counsel

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Fiona Herbert

VP Human Resources

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Simon Sproule

SVP Marketing & Communications

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Paul Yates

EVP Manufacturing & Supply


Here at Envisics, we are an internationally based innovator in the automotive industry specialising in the development and supply of holographic technologies to Tier 1s and OEMs, with or our primary focus currently on augmented reality (“AR”) Head-up displays (“HUDs’).

Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform, which leverages a combination of complex materials science and proprietary algorithms (240 patents issued or pending), enables unparalleled performance as it relates to optimising both OEM manufacturing requirements and the end user experience.

You can find out more about our live vacancies here:

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For more information please contact us at Press@envisics.com


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