Guiding light

Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform harnesses the power of light – speed, direction and intensity – to create holographic images on multiple planes.

Through a combination of pioneering material science, custom silicon modulator designs and patented light-processing algorithms, Envisics is transforming automotive head-up displays (HUD).

Safer, enhanced driving

Moving from research laboratories in Cambridge to automotive mass production in four years, Envisics’ technology can now be found in over 200,000 vehicles. Partnering with the world’s automotive leaders, our technology is now enabling the next generation of HUD displays, creating safer highways and an enhanced driving experience.

Technological advantage

Our Dynamic Holographic Platform has five distinct advantages over conventional digital light source technologies.

Safer – no distractions

Augmented reality imagery – simultaneously at different distances, day and night.

Smaller – more flexible

Compact optical design with fewer components – it integrates easily across different manufacturer models, from small city cars to SUVs.

Sharper – richer imagery

Lasers generate much richer, vibrant imagery; unlike conventional technologies, distortion is undetectable.

Efficient – less power consumption

With far greater optical efficiency, an Envisics-enabled HUD consumes 50% less power; important in the age of electric vehicles.

Adaptable – greater personalisation

Automakers can match augmented reality experiences to specific models and provide tailored personal preferences to a greater degree than ever before.