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HUD Key Feature of Chrysler’s New EV Concept Car

Chrysler has introduced a new all-electric concept car called the Halcyon. It integrates new battery tech, a continuous flowing glass canopy, new airflow elements, AI enhancements, Level 4 ADAS control, dynamic inductive charging and a minimalist cockpit design. According toreports, the cockpit features“a cross-car pillar-to-pillar transparent display, a retractable 15.6-inch console screen, and an augmented-reality full-screen head-up display (HUD).”The center console is both touch-enabled and voice controlled. The pillar-to-pillar display was only shown in valet mode. In their promotional videos, it seems like Chrysler is defining the AR-HUDas images on the front windshield, glass canopy and side windows. While there is no detail on the technology of these displays, they may be projectors shining on holographic Optical Elements (HOEs). The images on glass canopy seem to be at the glass surface while some of the windshield images appear at various depths–more like a traditional HUD. The applications they show include geotagged photos or points of interest along your route using a new tour guide feature. It can also map constellations in the night sky and allow video calls while you are driving. While all this visual information is probably too distracting for a driver in control of the vehicle, it may not be when the vehicle is operated an autonomous Level 4 mode. At this level, the driver can relax and utilize these functions and features. All this points to the need for fully-functional AR-HUDs as we move toward more autonomous vehicles.