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Can Advanced Headlight Information be Combined with HUD Data?

Ams Osram reports that they will commercialize a new pixelated headlight option that not only provides directional roadside illumination, but can even project images, words and symbols on the road. The headlight features 25,600 individually controllable microLEDs packaged with a 40-micron pixel pitch. This qualifies as one of the first mass-produced real microLED displays to reach the market. Several Tier One suppliers are reported to be incorporating the product already.

The headlights can project symbology onto the road surface such as a snowflake for icy or slippery conditions, for example. But could such an innovation offer an interesting new way to combine information in conjunction with an Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD)? Maybe offloading some symbology to the headlights allows for displaying information in a wider field of view. It is an interesting technology that HUD developers and automakers will need to consider as they develop and deploy new technologies for the driver.