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Falcon 10X Aircraft Shows the Future of HUD Technology

Private Jet maker Dassault plans to launch the Falcon 10X into commercial service in 2025. Recently, they showed off their updated flight deck. This cockpit features dual Head-up Displays (HUD) solutions that showcase where avionic HUDs are headed and offer a glimpse of where automotive HUDs might go in the future as well.

The HUD is described starting at the 5:05 mark in this video. With the new improvements, the HUD can now be used as the primary display for take-offs and landing without using any of the other touch screens in the cockpit. Dassault also offers a terrain visualization system called FalconEye that integrates infrared sensor data with a digital terrain database to provide pilots with a clear view of the terrain for bad weather conditions.

Autonomous self driving cars in a roundabout (traffic circle) next to a highway. The cars are connected with each other with lines illustrating data transfers, GPS information and artificial intelligence used in the future of self driving cars.

Automobiles are moving to enhance the safety of driving with HUDs forming a key element in providing the visual cues and alerts to achieve this goal. Already, AR HUDs can track objects and provide warnings. In the future, will we see the integration of infrared and visible cameras, LIDAR and digital road databases to provide the kind of visualization the Falcon10X will offer? It is an interesting concept.