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Innovations for Automotive Interiors

When it comes to the use of the latest technology, the automotive sector has always been at the forefront of adoption and innovation. Charlotte Stonestreet highlights some of the latest developments, from the use of cobots to augment reality.

Automotive Interiors – Refer October 2019 Automotive Interiors Magazine

This is brief summary from September Issue of Automotive Interiors that highlights the innovations for automotive interiors that can greatly help enhance features in current and 2022+ MY vehicles.

XtraForm Antiglare Films for display solutions for excellent optical clarity, different gloss levels, low haze and low gloss hard-coated films and hard-wearing surfaces for touch interface.

Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept designed to represent the brand’s vision for motoring in 2035. AIW identified some interior highlights…

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Source: Design HMI