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Wall Street Journal Features the Thoughts of Envisics’ CEO, Jamieson Christmas

The Wall Street Journal has published an article that features the thoughts of Envisics’ CEO, Jamieson Christmas. The article, called “Self-Driving Cars Might Just Transform the Way We Work”, notes that the cars that will debut in 2030 are on the drawing boards now, so developers need to be thinking this far ahead. And, as cars move to more automated driving levels, drivers will be able to take on more information from the myriad of displays that will be in these automobiles. Envisics offers a holographic Head-up Display that is already providing information for the driver.  And according to Christmas, “Holographic technology will enable new ways of working and collaborating, including unlocking the potential for a true mobile office environment.” Toward that end, the company is developing the technology further so that—like the Princess Leia hologram message in “Star Wars”—free-floating objects could be projected inside the vehicle. This could be a way to connect a traveling executive to objects and colleagues back in the office.

The full article can be viewed HERE but it is behind the WSJ paywall.