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Our Technology

We make holographic technology available to consumers through 
our augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) technologies


Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform unlocks the full potential of light. A revolutionary approach to creating head-up display images, melding proprietary algorithms with simpler, fewer, and more robust optics to create holographic displays. Greater magnification; superior image quality; and images displayed at multiple distances simultaneously.

Existing technologies squander more than 90% of the available illuminating light when projecting imagery, creating heat and wasting energy – electrical and photonic. Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform – with its patented algorithms and high magnification designs – redistributes the light to precisely where and when it is needed. All light control elements on the holographic modulator contribute to every point in the image it creates. With greater durability and longevity, this is a key technology to meet all current and future automotive requirements.

No distractions

Envisics’ Dynamic Holography Platform delivers augmented reality imagery – on multiple planes and at different distances – simultaneously. It adapts instantly to ambient light changes, enhancing the view of the road ahead. Day and night. Rain and shine. Distortion is undetectable and there is no distraction – just seamless, crystal clear imagery layered on to the real world.

More flexible

The Dynamic Holography Platform is small, flexible and easily adaptable across manufacturer models. Cross-car beams, heating, ventilation and air conditioning fight for space, so size and weight are key. Ultra-high magnification enables a wide field of view from a compact package, making it suitable for vehicles of all sizes from all corners of the world.

Richer imagery

By harnessing and controlling lasers, our technology generates imagery with unmatched levels of clarity, depth and colour saturation. Envisics-powered HUDs delivers outstanding image quality for a safer and more enhanced user experience.

Less power consumption

Conventional display technologies absorb light and create heat. Our thermally efficient designs help realise even smaller packaging. An Envisics-enabled HUD has greater brightness and consumes 50% less power; light is deployed when and where it is required. In the age of electric vehicles, every Watt counts.

Greater personalisation

Automakers can create different cockpit environments, matching augmented reality experiences to a specific model and, in the near future, to individual driver and passenger preferences. More than ever, driver and passenger experience – and the ability to personalise – is how automakers seek to create distinction from one another.